Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Here’s s’more SONIC BOOM art. In my first piece we...

Here’s s’more SONIC BOOM art.

In my first piece we were exploring what the world looked like on the way to Hub 2. We wanted this place to contrast some of our previous levels that consisted of either dry desert lands or giant ancient factories, and be lush with vegetation to bring back that classic sonic look from some of the original video games (hence the sunflowers). We also wanted to subtly hint at the inevitable danger at the end of the road by featuring the volcano looming in the distance.

The next few images are concepts, FX exploration and final design for Buddy Bot (Tails’ Sidekick & Secret Weapon) This was by far my favorite assignment on Sonic Boom. It was really awesome to see this character come to life through some awesome animators and really tear things up in the game. I hope they make toys!

Stay tuned for more…. SEEGGUUUUUHHHH

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